In this presentation the audience will learn about the QURAN (God's last revelation to mankind) and reflect on some of verses in which they will learn:
* The purpose of life.
* That they should question their faith.
* What happens after death.
* That Jesus had no father.
* What advice a parent can give to their children.
* The story of Mary, mother of Jesus.
* The differences between the wives of Noah, Lot, and Pharaoh.
* Why there is a barrier between sweet and salt water.
* Who has domination of the heavens and the earth.
* Why mankind was created into nations and tribes.
* Who should be worshipped.
* About the Day of Judgement.
* That Jesus is a prophet of Islam (as well).
* About the signs of God.
* What is righteousness.
* That Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad all invited to the same God.
* What is sin.
* Jesus was not crucified and will come again.
* That God is one.
* What Moses said to his people.

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