In this presentation the audience will learn about the life of BUDDHA and reflect on some of his sayings in which they will learn:

1. The secret of meaningful existence.
2. What determines who you become.
3. How to find peace for oneself.
4. What lures us to evil.
5. How character is formed.
6. About the short road to death.
7. How to make your home into a beautiful garden.
8. What the triple truth is.
9. How to manage your ego.
10. What holding on to anger is like.
11. How to have the best relationship.
12. What to ask yourself before you speak.
13. How to fill yourself with joy.
14. Which word is better than a thousand words.
15. What makes us holy.
16. About the dangers of doubt.
17. How the wise fashion speech.
18. Who deserves your love.
19. What kills without drawing blood.
20. Who gets burned when we hold on to anger.
21. What renews humanity.
22. Two mistakes one can make in search of truth.
23. And much more.

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